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Testimonial by Ms. Joyce Bodah from Ifugao State College of Agriculture and Forestry, Philippines PDF Print E-mail

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ms. Joyce Bodah received her Certificate of Achievement from Dr Ben Lee, President & Founder of EDS


Thank you, sir. We already finished attending the required seminars for our DBA courses but I know we need to attend future EDS seminars for I found them useful to us in our personal and professional growth.

I am so thankful, sir for being a part of your program. I may not be that smart enough but I have learned a lot from our courses. I know I will improve and I hope that I could give my best to serve our school especially its clients with the right values and knowledge.

I want to thank EDS for the great experience I had since October last year. I was able to relate/interact with different kinds of people, I was exposed to new teaching methodologies through the EDS professors.

I am now trying to be always sensitive to other people especially those who became part of my life and success - whether they are the drivers that drive us to and fro, the cook, the janitors, etc. or our barangay captain who first employed me in our barangay after college...

It is always best to be humble while we go on acquiring knowledge. Just like the bamboo grass, while it grows taller, it bows down.

Through EDS, I saw Palawan the province that everyone in the country must see. Interacting with my co-workers in the college and with other participants, I always got something new to learn that improved my thinking and personality. The tours in the City of Puerto Princesa showed me also some insights on the great practices of the people and the Local Government there. I am so glad to know there's such a place in the Philippines.

I am so glad also that I saw Malaysia...learned to interact also with people from other countries. The topics we had enhanced our basic knowledge in business, organizations, values.

Sir, I've got a lot of things to tell (all of them recorded in my journal). I appreciate your program. I am so thankful. I thank also ISCAF and Sir Ngohayon for granting us the scholarship from the income of the college. I hope we will meet his and the college's expectations.

You are doing great, sir. EDS is doing great.

Mabuhay! (Long live)


Joyce Bodah
Instructor I
Ifugao State College of Agriculture and Forestry

Ready by EDS Team @ 14th May 2009.
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