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Friday, July 18, 2008

Dr. Nelson T. Binag has attended a 5 day EDS DBA Research Workshop at the main campus of Southern Luzon State University at Lucban, Quezon, Philippnes in May 2008.

Dr. Nelson T. Binag has also attended the 6 day EDS International Residential Advanced Management Program in March and July 2008.

Congratulation to Dr. Nelson T. Binag. He will soon assume the post of Chairman of the Board, Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP). For further information of AACCUP, please visit (www.aaccupqa.org.ph/Organization).


Dr. Nelson T. Binag, Dr. Cecilia N Gascon, president of Southern Luzon State University and Dr. Ben Lee discuss about organizing AACCUP International Leadership Conference on September 2008 in Davao, Mindanao, Philippines.

Dr. Binag observations on the EDS International Residential Study:

1.The lectures are excellent since they are done by professional (with actual hand-on experience), who are actually in the business world and have experience in the academia.

2. The lecture are based on actual and practical experience on the topic of discourse on particular business subject and anchored on international standards on modules on the business world.

3. The professional lecturers connects very well with the audience/participants, particularly on past, present and future developments in business administration, delving on current and past business issues and concerns.

4. Approaches, strategies and models in world class business success are well discussed and elucidated.

5. Classic exchanges of experiences between the professors and students-participants and among student participants themselves so that learning and information on actual situation are greatly enhanced.

Dr. Binag observation on EDS Advance Academy Sdn Bhd:

1. As an academic organization, it leads in the promotion of world class knowledge and education in business administration

2. The leadership of EDS Advance Academy are visionary, charismatic and transformational.

3. Humility and respectfulness are the core traits in running the EDS Advance Academy

4. The administration staffs are caring, diligent and facilitative to the participants.

5. The personnel (faculty and administrative staff) of EDS Advance Academy are is highly professional and respectable.

Ready by EDS Team @ 18th July 2008.
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