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Master of Business Administration

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Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST) was initially set up between MUST Ehsan Foundation and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) offering postgraduate programmes. MUST aims to provide a balanced and holistic education that will produce professionals who have a good understanding of the natural sciences, technology, information processing, business management and ethics. It focuses on producing graduates who will understand how their chosen fields fit into the broader scientific, technical, business, political and social contexts. It focuses on producing graduates with a multidisciplinary focus and who can work in teams and be able to express themselves creatively.

MUST Ehsan Foundation originally received a formal invitation to set up a reputable university in science, technology, engineering and business management. MUST supports:

● The development of indigenous technologies;
The development of highly skilled human resources;
The adoption of information-intensive and knowledge- driven processes in manufacturing;
Innovation and creativity; and
The promotion of Research and Development activities.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – Partnership

Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST) was established as a research-based university with the assistance of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA. MIT provided assistance to MUST with regard to postgraduate programmes, IT infrastructure, Library Resources, Academic Media Production, and Course Delivery.

Through this partnership, MIT had served as the model for MUST. The MIT model provides the impetus for MUST to provide good education and produce research scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs to meet industry demands.

MUST postgraduate programmes have delivered and continues to deliver substantial human capital to the industry. After gaining much experience in running postgraduate programmes, it now offers several undergraduate programmes.


The Master in Business Administration (MBA) Programme is designed to shape talented professionals who are capable of transforming business entities to remain competitive in the ever-changing global marketplace. You will have the opportunity to acquire leadership, communication and team-work skills and to develop new approaches to business management. At MUST, we offer you integrated courses led by experienced, international faculty and practitioners in an interactive learning environment with particular emphasis on practicality and industry-driven practices.

MQA Accreditation

The MUST MBA program is accredited Malaysian Qualifications Agency. For details, visit here.


MBA 1014 Managerial Economics 
MBA 1024 Business Statistics 
MBA 1054 Leadership & Management in organizations 
MBA 1064 Financial Management 
MBA 1074 Marketing Management 
MBA 1084 Managerial Accounting 
MBA 1104 Corporate Strategy 
MBA1034 Business Law and Ethics 
MBA 2904 Research Methods 
MBA 2198 Master Project Paper


Assessment for all the modules:

Assessment for Master Project:



December 2016 
3 days classes cover: 
• Leadership & Management in organizations (Part 1) 
• Marketing Management (Part 1) 

February 2017 
3 days classes cover: 
• Leadership & Management in organizations (Part 2) 
• Marketing Management (Part 2) 

April 2017 
3 days classes cover: 
• Corporate Strategy (Part 1) 
• Business Statistics (Part 1) 

June 2017
3 days classes cover: 
• Corporate Strategy (Part 2) 
• Business Statistics (Part 2) 

August 2017
3 days classes cover: 
• Research Methods 

October 2017
3 days classes cover: 
• Managerial Economics (Part 1) 
• Financial Management (Part 1) 

December 2017 
3 days classes cover: 
• Managerial Economics (Part 2) 
• Financial Management (Part 2) 

February 2018
3 days classes cover: 
• Managerial Accounting (Part 1) 
• Business Law and Ethics (Part 1) 

April 2018
4 days classes cover: 
• Managerial Accounting (Part 2) 
• Business Law and Ethics (Part 2) 
• Presentation of Master Project Paper


Process Flow

The MBA process flow is outlined below:



a) The minimum duration is one and a half (1.5) years.

b) The maximum duration is three (3) years.

Entry Requirements

Bachelor degree with CGPA of 3.0 or above (on a 4 point scale) or an equivalent qualification in a relevant field from a recognized university. In special circumstances applicants who have relevant work experience in the industry with a Bachelor degree with a CGPA lower than 3.0 (on a 4 point scale) may be considered for admission.

Language Proficiency – All lectures and written or oral examinations at MUST are conducted in English. Applicants are required to provide documentary evidence of proficiency in English in one of the following examinations:

- Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) at a score of 550, or higher is required, or

- International English Language Testing Services (IELTS), a minimum overall band score of 6.0, or

- Provide proof of English proficiency as evaluated by MUST.

Grading for MBA Program




  • The MUST Campus MBA tuition fee is US$8,900 on full payment upon registration
  • It is US$9,300 if paid by six installments. Each payment at US$1,550
  • The Registration and Resource Fee is US$300


Residential Accommodation Fees in Kuala Lumpur

MBA students are required to attend nine ( 9 ) residential studies trip to Kuala Lumpur. Each residential studies consist of 3-day intensive face to face tutorial seminar facilitated by MUST Professors.

For each residential studies session the MBA students need to pay USD190 to cover the cost for 3 nights hotel accommodation, morning and afternoon coffee breakfast and other miscellaneous cost.


MUST MBA Application Form >>> Click Here

For further information and registration, please contact:

Mr. Kenny Lee
MUST Malaysia Recruitment Representative
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Tel: 016-4220855

Prof Dato' Dr. Ben Lee
MUST International Coordinator
EDS Business School, President
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Tel: +6016-4462200