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Euro College




Executive Open Learning Program With Residential Studies

in Bangkok, Penang and Kuala Lumpur.




Euro College’s MBA Program has been carefully designed to be convenient, relevant and to build upon the student’s past work experience and current professional pursuits. It provides a choice of learning approaches to suit the student and his employer.


Rather than interrupting a student’s career, the MBA Program is designed to enhance it by providing greater knowledge and understanding, new skills and qualifications, fully engaged with their current professional pursuits. Students are guided in conducting employment related scholarly research for the purpose of improving business systems and strategies. This is a highly cost effective way to gain new insights and skills, the latest information and competencies, and valuable qualifications.



Entry Requirements

- Bachelor Degree or equivalent professional qualification with two years of working experience,


- In lieu of the Bachelor’s degree, applicants will be considered with a recognized Business Diploma (Associate Degree) and a minimum of five years of working experience. Such applicants will be required to submit appropriate letters of recommendation verifying they have the necessary capability and motivation to successfully complete the program within the allotted time span. Applicants accepted in the absence of the Bachelor's degree will be required by the University to add missing elements to the minimum program, as a condition for admission.




“If money is your only hope for independence, you will never have it.

The only real security that a man can have in this world is a reserve of

knowledge, experience and ability.”

-- Henry Ford





Graduation Requirements

Minimum Duration: 18 months

The minimum credit requirement for a MBA Degree is 120 *ECTS credits beyond the Bachelor degree. Students are required to attend all of the tutorial seminars and successfully completed all the coursework assignments as outlined below:


MB201 Research Methodology

MB202 Business Modelling

MB203 Management of Information Systems

MB204 International Trade and Finance

MB207 Organisational Theory and Development

MB208 Global Planning

MB209 Financial Planning

MB212 Multinational Business

MB213 Foundation of Leadership and Teamwork

MB214 Cultural Studies in Business

MB220 Master Thesis


*European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) is a standard for comparing the study attainment and performance of students of higher education across the European Union and other collaborating European countries. For successfully completed studies, ECTS credits are awarded.


Methods of Assessment

Each module will have a four-part grading scheme:

• Class Attendance and Participation - 20% marks

• Class Homework / Quiz (to give at end of 1st day or quiz on second day) - 20% marks

• Self-Reflection Log / Blog - 30% (Submitted to EDS Registrar, Ms LK Tan @ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it within 7 days after attending the 2-day tutorial seminar.)

• Online Exam - 30% (The online exam will be conduct within 30 days after the Residential Seminar.)



About Euro College

The Euro College is a higher educational university college dedicated to excellence in teaching and service. Through it’s Undergraduate and Graduate programs in Business Administration, the Euro College seeks to stimulate intellectual curiosity, imagination, rational thinking, and thoughtful expression in a broad range of disciplines and professional fields.


Euro College was established in 11th of November 2003 and has received an official decision for accreditation from the Board of Accreditation of the Republic of Macedonia and permanent license from the Ministry of Education to deliver course in BA and MBA.


Euro College was awarded a European Quality Award in October 2010 as a result of its outstanding achievements in the area of global education. In December 2010, in Vienna, Euro College got a prestigious "Best Enterprise" award by the European Business Assembly, while the Dean of the college, Dr. Petrusevski Ljubisa was voted "Manager of the Year". Since its inception the college actively worked on the establishment of international network of partner colleges and universities not only in the Balkans but also in the rest of Europe, in USA and Asian countries.


The university’s campus is located at Done Bozinov 41, 1300 Kumanovo, Republic of Macedonia.



Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities

EURO COLLEGE ranks the 12th best Higher Education Institution in Macedonia. The 2013-14 Ranking of Macedonian Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) was commissioned by Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Macedonia in 2013 and released on February 25, 2014. Twenty qualified HEIs were included in the ranking. The ranking used 21 indicators of academic performance and competitiveness, covering major mission aspects of HEIs such as teaching, research and social service. The ranking is expected to contribute to the transparency of quality and efficiency of Macedonian HEIs.




International Students Exchange with Japan Universities

Japanese university students from Gakshuin University, Tokyo participated in the student cultural exchange with Euro College in Macedonia.



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The Euro College MBA tuition fee is US$12,200.


Residential Fees in Penang and Bangkok

MBA students are required to attend three residential studies and the venue will be alternate between Penang and Bangkok.


For each residential studies session students need to pay USD850 to cover the cost of hotel accommodation for 8 days and 7 nights in twin-sharing room, breakfast & lunch during the studies session and other miscellaneous cost.





Main Campus: Done Bozinov 41, 1300 Kumanovo, Republic of Macedonia.

Phone: +389 (0)31 418-025 Fax: +389 (0)31 417 202

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Website: www.eurocollege.edu.mk

Asia Liaison Office

Dato' Dr Ben Lee
EURO COLLEGE Vice President - Asia



Special MBA Policies and Procedures

Attendance Policy Attendance at all support seminars is compulsory. On occasion, where participants must miss a scheduled seminar due to illness, personal, family or business emergencies, they may petition for permission to attend the replacement seminar either in another city or in the next program cycle. Attendance facilitates maximum interaction among participants and encourages personal and academic development.

Special Refund Policy

As a special provision within the Asia Pacific Region, MBA tuition fees paid are refundable up to 60 days from date of application, provided that the student issues a written notification discontinuing the program and requesting a refund to the EDS Business School headquarters in Penang, Malaysia postmarked before the end of the period allowed.


Student Services: Financial

Questions by participants concerning fees and tuition payments, amounts and policies, should be directed to EDS Business School headquarters in Penang, Malaysia or to Euro College. Participants may request the organization coordinating the support seminars to intervene on their behalf with the University, by providing such authorization in written format.


Student Services: Academic

Questions by students concerning academic policies, procedures and standards, and regarding course modules, locations and manner of instruction may be directed either to EDS Business School headquarters in Penang, Malaysia or Euro College, whichever is appropriate to the student.


Maximum Time Allowance

Special MBA participants are allowed a duration of up to three years from the official date of registration to complete all required elements of the program.