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The European International University (EIU-Paris) Master of Business Administration in General Management is an MBA degree primarily aimed at students with a non-business administration Bachelor degree, who have had at least 2 years of experience working in companies and organizations in a role that manages people or processes, or both.

The programme is aimed at providing graduates with the skills and competencies to fulfill management positions in the field of business administration, both in the public and private sector. These positions can include management or policy-making positions in large organizations, as well as positions of management in small to medium sized companies (SMEs).

Students are able to critically analyze and evaluate various developments within an organization so that they can form, create and instigate policies, visions and aims and solutions within that organization. They should be in a position to analyze the strategic processes and vision of a company or organization, and using this analysis, apply and implement tools to innovate, optimize and (re-)structure these processes using an integral approach.

As an effective path to the degree, students are guided through residential classroom-based tutorial seminars by the finest professors and industry specialists available through coordination of EDS Business School.


Minimum Duration: 12 months

The minimum credit requirement for a MBA in General Management Degree is 72 ECTS beyond the Bachelor degree, as outlines below. Students are required to attend all of the tutorial seminars and successfully complete all the coursework assignments within a timely manner.

Core Modules (64 ECTS)

• Project Management (8 ECTS)
• Financial Management (8 ECTS)
• Strategic Management (8 ECTS)
• Human Resource Management (8 ECTS)
• Marketing Management (8 ECTS)
• Creating a World Class Organization (8 ECTS)
• Supply Chain Management (8 ECTS)
• Human Capital Development (8 ECTS)

Plus: Action Research Paper (8 ECTS)

This requirement of the MBA programme will enable the student to prepare a research paper that applies managerial concepts and research techniques to a significant organizational issue or problem. After completing the action research the student should be able to:

• Select, evaluate and apply critical management thinking to an organizational issue or problem.
• Critically evaluate the techniques and processes used to investigate an important organizational issue or problem.
• Synthesize information to arrive at a coherent conclusion.
• Critically evaluate the implications for the recommendations presented.
• Critically reflect on his or her development of knowledge, skills and techniques used during the preparation of the action research paper.


• Bachelor Degree or equivalent professional qualification with two years of working experience,
• In lieu of the Bachelor’s degree, applicants will be considered with a recognized Business Diploma (Associate Degree) and a minimum of five years of working experience. Such applicants will be required to submit appropriate letters of recommendation verifying they have the necessary capability and motivation to successfully complete the program within the allotted time span. Applicants accepted in the absence of the Bachelor's degree will be required by the University to add missing elements to the minimum program, as a condition for admission.
• English ability equivalent TOEFL 600 points.

EIU-Paris follows European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS academic credits scheme). The ECTS credit system makes degree programmes and student performance more transparent and comparable all across European Union countries.

M.B.A. Grading Scheme:
MBA in General Management programme consists of 8 core modules of 8 ECTS and an Action Research Paper of 8ECTS, making total ECTS for 72 ECTS.

Before the evaluation, the results are divided into two subgroups: Pass and Fail.
The grading system is defined as follows:

Each module will have a four-part grading scheme:

• Class attendance and punctuality - 10 marks
• Depth and extent of participation during the 2-day tutorial seminar – 20 marks
• Quiz or Short Exam during the 2 day tutorial seminar – 30 marks
• Assignment / Reflective Report - 40 marks


The MBA tuition fee is US$9,900-00.


We will be offering 50% scholarship for first 20 qualify students enroll into the MBA in General Management, and the net MBA tuition fee will be USD4,950-00.

The standard degree period is two years for Master program. The minimum required enrollment period for Master program is one full calendar year from the date of initial registration. The maximum periods allowed for program completion is three years for Master program.



1st MBA International Residential Study (1st Month of the Study)
Venue: Bangkok, Thailand
Six days intensive tutorial seminar covering the following modules:
• Project Management
• Financial Management
• Strategic Management

*USD790 Residential Accommodation and Food

2nd MBA International Residential Study (4th Month of the Study)
Venue: Penang, Malaysia
Six days intensive tutorial seminar covering the following modules:
• Human Resource Management
• Marketing Management
• Creating a World Class Organization

*USD790 Residential Accommodation and Food

3rd MBA International Residential Study (8th Month of the Study)
Venue: Bangkok, Thailand
Six days intensive tutorial cove the following modules:
• Supply Chain Management
• Human Capital Development
• Action Research Paper

*USD790 Residential Accommodation and Food

*MBA students are required to attend three Residential Studies at EIU-Paris Adjunct Campus in Bangkok, Thailand and Penang, Malaysia. The Residential Fees mentioned above is to cover the cost of the hotel accommodation in twin-sharing room, breakfast & lunch during the tutorial seminar session and other miscellaneous cost.


The European International University (EIU – Paris) is incorporated as an international private independent higher education / university education / post-secondary education provider with registered address at -66 Avenue des Champs Elysées 75008 Paris.

The university focuses on delivering executive education to professionals across the globe, through its distance and blended learning modes of delivery and assessment for learning, while ensuring the development of highest quality of specific industry-related competencies in the fields of Business Management and Professional Teacher Education, through its international accreditation by the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities, ASIC, U.K., which is a U.K. government recognized accreditation body.

ASIC, UK is an approved accrediting body for the purposes of compliance by the UK Border Agency (UKBA) is a member of the British Quality Foundation (BQF), sits on the Quality Standards Group of UK NARIC, and is one of a number of international accrediting bodies listed in the international directory by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) in the USA and is a member of the CHEA International Quality Group (CIQG).

EIU-Paris is a recognized vocational & professional training service provider in accordance to Article R.6351-6 of the French Employment Code, under the registration number: 11755784775, with the prefecture of the region of ILE-DE-FRANCE.

For further details on European International University, please visit www.eiu.ac


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