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Professional Profile

EDS BUSINESS SCHOOL founded by Dato' Dr. Ben Lee in 2002, has rapidly become the premier training and executive development agency in the Asia-Pacific Region, satisfying a rapidly growing demand for skills development training among academia, business leaders, professionals, engineers, and executives.

EDS, best known for providing state-of-the-art training in management principles and practices through a unique Executive Open Learning programs, currently operates executive development seminars and networking activities in Malaysia (Penang, Johore Bahru and Kuala Lumpur), Bangkok, Singapore, Philippines (Manila and Koronadal City), Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Rạch Giá), Hong Kong, Macedonia, Myanmar (Yangon) and USA (Hilo, Hawaii).

EDS has initiated formal training associations with universities and colleges in the Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macedonia, Ghana and the USA. Further, EDS served as the catalyst in the establishment of an international open learning consortium in the Philippines, bringing higher learning institutions into cooperation, expanding access to educational opportunities, providing for capacity-building, and upgrading university and college teaching faculties toward earning higher academic qualifications.

Currently, the regional office of EDS Business School is in Penang and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with liaison officers base in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Yangon (Myanmar), Hangzhou (China), Koronadal City (Philippines), Kumanovo (Macedonia), Singapore and Bangkok.


The EDS Business School is pleased to announce its charitable scholarship award program.  Starting on 1 January 2016, for each full tuition enrollment for Master's and PhD degree programs, EDS Business School will award one full Bachelor of Education scholarship to a qualified student with great need, including single mothers, orphanage workers, Buddhist monks and nuns from Vietnam and other nations and Chinese Independent High School teachers in Malaysia.



International Advanced Leadership and Management Program

“We teach the future today.”
Centered in Penang and Bangkok, EDS delivers an international platform of executive development seminars and activities for business leaders to access advanced management and leadership learning, and opportunities for global networking. Participants attend the 7 days / 7 night "tuition free" program at the rate of US$890 to cover the cost of hotel accommodation (twin-sharing), breakfast and luncheon during the seminar session, Penang Heritage City Tour, lecture guide, and Certificate of Participation

World Class MBA and PhD Programs

“We support delivery of world class degree program.”
Through its cross-border partnerships with universities and colleges, EDS has become a respected provider of World Class Executive Training and affordable residential support seminars for working professionals pursuing Master’s or Doctoral degree programs.

International University Leadership Colloquium

“We accelerate international partnerships.”
As an international platform for communication and networking among university and college leaders, EDS provides the International University Leadership Colloquium. For the ultimate purpose of focusing upon improvement of educational quality, advancement of teaching and learning pedagogy, furthering faculty development, expanding curriculum offerings, partnering in dual degree awards; and the transfer of knowledge and technology worldwide.


EDS Business School has established formal education affiliations with Euro College, Macedonia; Akamai University, Hilo, Hawaii; Malaysia University of Science & Technology; University of Selangor, Malaysia; American Heritage University of Southern California, USA and Ifugao State University, Philippines. Through these affiliations, EDS is authorized to provide student support services and coordinate tutorial seminars via executive open learning for students pursuing Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral programs.


More than 4,500 CEOs, MDs, GMs, Managers and Executives from major MNCs, Public Listed Companies and Organizations have attended the EDS Executive Development Seminars and training workshops as part of EDS affiliate BBA, MBA, DBA and PhD degree programs. Hundreds of managers, executives, and entrepreneurs have been promoted or achieved career advancement following completion of the EDS Executive Development Seminar.



Among the advisory support, activities and services provided by EDS BUSINESS SCHOOL are:

Professional Counseling and Advisory Support
EDS offer all it participants a continuous counseling and advisory support via email on professional, academic and business issues by our panel of trainers and facilitators comprising of industrial experts, IT specialists and corporate consultants.

Continuous Learning Support
As part of the EDS continuous learning initiatives for the benefits of it participants, they are encourage to refresh by re-attending any of the Seminars or Training Workshop that they already have taken at any of the regional venues without charge. They just request to pay for their hotel tea-break, luncheon and the lectures guide of US$80 for the 2-day seminar.


The objectives of EDS Community Service Project is to share the latest management practices, success ideas, inspiration and insights to help entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, managers and executives of business organization and non-governmental organizations (NGO) across cultures to enhance competitiveness in today’s challenging business environment. The Advanced Management Program sponsored by EDS has improved participants’ operation efficiency and has served as a platform to encourage continuous lifelong learning.




EDS BUSINESS SCHOOL has a proven-track record in working with multi-national industries, public listed companies, non-governmental organizations, public and private universities and colleges, and various other groups.

Whether you are interested in international linkages, educating your employee base, providing your students or clients an opportunity to further their education, or are interested in an articulation agreement, we would be happy to discuss the various opportunities with you.

For more information, kindly contact Dato' Dr. Ben Lee, President of EDS Business School at +6016-446 2200 or email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Higher Learning Institutions & Professional Organizations who are keen in affiliations, collaborations and credit transfers to earn an international recognised degree are advised to contact Dato' Dr Ben Lee, President of EDS Business School at +6016-4462200 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it